Iskra Menarini

At the age of twenty-two she moved alone to Bologna to study opera singing at the Conservatory, she met the singer-songwriter Andrea Mingardi and thus began her career;she studies opera singing, but the encounter that changes her way of singing and listening to music took place later with a group already famous in Bologna: Tombstone with them began a new musical journey, progressive rock, electro pop up to to the song of the author. She remained tied to this group for ten years.

He meets and meets Red Ronnie with whom he begins a beautiful friendship, sings around and makes his debut at the famous Piper in Rome.

Participate in the recording of Vasco Rossi's debut album, "but what do you want a song to be".

Subsequently he sings in the opera Rock Giulio Cesare written by Jimmy Villotti and approaches the more experimental jazz, soul and blues.
For this force of nature, powerful and deep voice, particularly suited to soul, gospel and jazz.

The meeting that changes her life is the one with Lucio Dalla, on April 18, 1984. "He made me do things, then an audition and from there an artistic symbiosis was born"

Their long collaboration that takes her around the world.

For over twenty-six years he has supported Lucio as a vocalist and soloist, in all his musical pieces (Lp), both in the tours,
and in many music videos, such as:

"Hello, Beware of the wolf, Monday" and many others,

both in the television broadcasts "Beauty and the Beast, Taratatà"

and in the cast of the Opera "Tosca Amore Desperato" where Lucio Dalla cuts out the role of Sidonia for her, creating with genius a particularly beautiful character loved by the public.

At the same time as the experience with Dalla, famous are the Tours with Gianni Morandi and a broadcast on Rai Uno, which leads her to a duet with Gianni.

He also collaborates with other singers, such as Stadio, Luca Carboni, Samuele Bersani

In 2009 she made her debut in Sanremo with the song "Quasi amore", the top single from the album of the same name, written by Roberto Costa and Lucio Dalla, who accompanies her on stage as godfather.

Song that carries the imprinting of the best "dalliane" seasons

Also since 2009 he has been touring one of his projects, "Io Madre", in the most important churches in Italy and at the Giffoni festival in Avellino, an intense and exciting concert with orchestra and 30 choristers, A tribute to the Mother of the Universe with songs between liturgical and ethnic.

In 2010 he collaborated with A Work in Progres, a live album by Lucio Dalla and Francesco De Gregori.

For a while she was a teacher at Maria De Filippi's "Amici" school. But he decides to give up to remain alongside Lucio Dalla on the tour.

In many years of career, Iskra boasts collaborations with various artists of considerable level such as Vasco Rossi, Zucchero, Antonacci, Carboni, Mingardi, Ron, Patty Pravo, Samuele Bersani, Roberto Costa and Pasquale Panella and with the Masters Renato Serio
Teo Ciavarella, Peppe Vessicchio and Beppe D'Onghia.

In 2013 he produced the album Ossigeno: a journey into the soul, at the SanLucaSound studios.

The album is a journey through her musical life with new unreleased songs composed by her and some covers in memory of Lucio Dalla. Renato Zero, Gianni Morandi, Gigi D'Alessio, Andrea Mingardi, Sabrina Ferilli, Lino Banfi, Stefano di Battista, Piccolo Coro dell'Antoniano, Gergo Morales and Marialuce Monari collaborated on it.

For over forty years on the stage, she has managed to surround herself with an affectionate "aura" of esteem and great consideration for her talent. Talent that the public has welcomed with great favor, knowing how to recognize him in his greatness, since he sang with Lucio and both now and unfortunately Lucio is gone.

A very long career that of Iskra, which today is defined as follows:

“I have a long musical past, from rock to soul to then enter sacred music.
I am very curious, I love the sounds of the voice and therefore I like to vary the musical genres.

I created some natural sounds.

Now the choice of songs has changed a bit, there is more sweetness though
there is always a warrior singing "

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Iskra Menarini

Her name in Russian means Spark,

talent and gift,

Iskra Menarini, although of a French father, is Italian, from Modena from San Felice Panaro.

Then he goes to live in Sanremo, right next to the Casino, at the time the Festival took place right there.

“I saw the singers and I said, one day I'll be there too“.

She studied classical guitar, even though women who played an instrument were not so popular in those days, dance and acting.